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The Facts

The number of people affected by ED is furthermore increasing.


of all men will experience ED at least once in their life


of men suffering from ED are under the age of 40their ED is mainly caused by psychological problems


of men affected do not seek help or professional treatment

The Problem

Men suffering from ED struggle tremendously with their mental health. Due to shame, social stigma, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem, which is also impairing their relationships to others and themselves.

  • Performance pressure
  • Destructive sexual myths
  • High levels of stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Lack of emotional regulation skills

belong to the main causes of non-organic ED. Considering men suffering from physiological ED, these Problems occur in their life prominently as well. And often Viagra is only tackling symptoms but not underlying causes and psychological reasons.

The number of people affected by ED is furthermore increasing.

We estimate that 320 million Men will be affected by ED in 2025.

The Solution

e.rupt – the pocket therapist and digital pill

A smartphone therapy app for ED, developed by leading Swiss sexual therapists and urologists

Anonymous Blood test with assessment by urologists

Evidence-based cognitive behavioural exercises
psychotherapy modules in your pocket

100 % anonymous – but personal

Engaging modules and diverse therapy content

Scientifically based by medical professionals

Accessible 24/7


No side effects

The Team

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